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Complete mobile cleaning service comes to your home, Courteous and experienced operators, thoroughly trained in all areas of cleaning, will answer any questions you may have.

We arrive at your premises in a sign written van, in the SmartKleen livery. All of our operatives wear smart uniforms, are polite and do not smoke. Information sheets are provided on arrival so you are fully aware of our operating and Health & Safety procedures. All operatives have attended training courses and regularly attend training update  sessions to keep them abreast of new products and services. SmartKleen are therefore able to offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work.

You'll feel comfortable with having our conscientious and respectful technicians in your home.
Your furniture is carefully moved and replaced upon completion of the cleaning process. Protective tabs or blocks are placed under your furniture to protect your carpet were needed.

No job is too big for SmartKleen we're even experts in cleaning and caring for oversize and stage carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Our services extend to the home, office, hotel and restaurant - in fact anywhere you would expect to find soiled carpets and upholstery....

Office, Shops Cleaning
& Public Amenities

We provide daily cleaning for:

  a.. Offices
  b.. Retail Outlets
  c.. Public Amenities
  d.. Showrooms

Other specialist services include:

  a.. Window cleaning
  b.. Carpet cleaning
  c.. Washroom hygiene
  d.. In-depth, one-off cleaning
  e.. Portable Appliance testing
  f.. Decorating
  g.. Maintenances

Our Company Profile

  a.. Progressive and pro-active, established in 1986.
  b.. Managed by a dedicated team with many years experience within the industry.
  c.. Trained and motivated cleaning staff.
  d.. Fully staffed office, with 24 hour contact.
Our philosophy is: 'Once a contract is won, we want to keep it, and we'll
work hard to build a successful and long-term relationship with you.'

"A company who are a pleasure to do business with"

We do not compete on price; we compete solely on quality, if our competitors want to beat us they have to beat the quality that we produce.

Our superb equipment produces first class results, quickly and efficiently.

When you buy our service you are buying quality.

We produce and agree a thorough and comprehensive cleaning specification for your site.

Based on this concept, you will find that all of our services are carried out methodically and intelligently, and above all, with the highest standards of quality and safety in mind.

What backup do we have to boast? The most thorough clean or its free.

You will have a designated head office contact with 24 hour manned telephones and a weekly cleaning audit will be carried out. We have full insurance cover for employee, employer and public liability.

We are the only commercial contract cleaners you will ever need, as we cover all aspects of cleaning including :

Daily office cleaning, commercial contract cleaning, traditional window cleaning, graffiti removal, hard floor maintenance, property maintenance, grounds maintenance, high level pure water cleaning, deep cleans and builders cleans.

All our cleaners come to your premises fully trained, insured and uniformed with the best cleaning equipment money can buy.

We offer cleaners to your premises predominantly in the Midland areas.

We sincerely hope that you will give us the chance to prove ourselves to you - we know that with our unique a robust emphasis on quality and reliability, we will always be able to deliver exactly what we promise. We are in putting the smiles on peoples faces business

Our success is built on making people smile, if we can make you smile by exceeding your expectations we know you like thousands of other happy smiling customers will use our service again and recommend us to your friends.

We know that quite literally thousands of domestic customers are disappointed by the results of carpet cleaning week in, week out. Why?

Buying carpet-cleaning services is not like buying a box of cornflakes. If you go to a supermarket you will pay less than if you went to the corner shop. Either way you get an identical product, the only difference is the price.

Not so with carpet cleaning because different companies operate different machines and have different specifications and sadly vastly different standards.

Each item is thoroughly checked for shrinkage and other problems, our operator will then report any such problems to you prior to commencing the cleaning process.

Your carpet or suite will be pre-treated with an advanced enzyme based soil release agent "who" loosens soil and stains and neutralises bacteria.

Your carpet or suite wills then be extraction cleaned with our High Tech Cleaning System. This system produces approximately ten times the cleaning power than conventional electric machines, leaving carpets dry in around 1 - 8 hours and suites 4 - 15 hours depending on the fabric type and degree of soiling.

Your carpet or suite will look and stay clean longer than with any other system that you may chose.

Our commercial cleaning division specialises in servicing all the major restaurant hotel properties in Birmingham and around. We also service many of the Fortune University office buildings and public facilities.
Don't be fooled by those who only steam clean!

Our 3-STEP Cleaning Process. Service Includes:

1. Pre-Spray all spotted and heavily soiled areas to accelerate soil release before the steam extraction step.
2. Steam-Extraction using state-of-the-art extraction equipment, clean fresh water used, minimum 90% water removed.
3. Deodorising solution is added to all cleaned carpeting.



Problem areas are discussed along with the appropriate treatment. We have various remedies that have been carefully developed for pre-spotting carpet and furniture.

Special care is taken with high traffic areas. Quality service by skilled, professional technicians.

Regularly scheduled maintenance of carpets, naturally, is where SmartKleen Carpet Cleaners experience can save your organisation the most money. That's because ongoing maintenance and removal of the hidden dirt and grime embedded in carpet fibre can prevent premature wear.

Following a thorough study and in addition, your carpets should be given the best care, so as to maximise the appearance and life of your carpet.
Account Manager, SmartKleen establishes a convenient, non-disruptive schedule which may include an initial corrective cleaning to restore your carpet's appearance. During follow-up visits, special attention is paid to heavy traffic areas (corridors, reception areas, etc.) and spot removal.

We work hand in hand with property managers, tenants and janitorial companies to assure the seamless integration and provision of our specialised services.

We use an environmentally friendly process that removes pollen dust mite's allergens fungus bacteria and improves indoor air quality.

Cleans & Brightens, Refreshes texture and colour. Improves overall appearance of your carpets, rugs, and upholstery.

Extends life of carpets and rugs. Stays cleaner longer.

Kills & extracts dust mites

Removes allergens & pollutants

Safe, non toxic cleaning agents

NCCA Certified Technicians & Fully Insured

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

SmartKleen GUARANTEES to clean your carpets, upholstery and arrearages to your complete satisfaction at the agreed-upon price. If you are not completely satisfied with your service,

RECLEAN: any areas or items to your satisfaction. In the unlikely event that you are still not satisfied with the results,

SmartKleen Carpet Cleaners will REFUND:

FREE PHONE 0800 294 1915

Call SmartKleen today at 0121 416 0400 We will clean your carpet not only for appearance, but also for the health of you and your loved ones. You'll be glad you called.

"The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning Ever or it's FREE!"

1. Dry Foam Upholstery cleaning.
Shampoo is applied to upholstery through rotating brush head and let it dry the vacuum of the soils.

2. Dry Cleaning By Solvent.
Solvent is used through special machine to clean this good for quick drying plus for fabric, which is not possible to clean, as it may run colour by Wet extraction systems.

3. Hot Water Extraction & also called Steam.
Hot water extraction is water and chemicals mixed in machine with heater, it heats up water to the temperature you required depending on the fabric, and that is pumped hand tool with high pressure which comes out like steam.

A safe, fast-drying fabric protector can be applied following the cleaning of your furniture to protect the fine fabric from future stains and spills.


1 Dry Cleaning by Absorbent Powder

The dry clean compound method spreads a moist, absorbent powder through the carpet. The powder is scrubbed in to carpet by machine which have two rotating brushes, and then left to dry for 20 minutes then powder and dirt vacuumed out of carpet

2 Hot Water Extraction & also called Steam
Hot water extraction is water and chemicals mixed in machine with heater, it heats up water to the temperature you required depending on the carpets, and that is pumped hand tool with high pressure (up to 1000 PSI) which comes out like steam.

Rugs are individually hand cleaned after determining the best method for the rugs' weave, fibre and dyes.

A safe, fast-drying carpet protector can be applied following the cleaning of your carpets to protect them from future stains and spills.

And odour control treatments are optional services you may select.

Vacuuming a carpet is essential. It helps lift surface dirt and brush the pile. However, vacuuming alone will not keep up an acceptable appearance for long. Vacuuming cannot lift the heavy soils that accumulate over time and make carpets unsightly. How much time will depend on a carpet's use conditions, soil conditions, fibber type, constructional specifications, colour, etc? At this point, cleaning is necessary. In general, residential carpet requires cleaning within one to one and one-half years; certainly before two years of use (and possible abuse).